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By transforming small commercial UAS into cost effective asset inspection tools:

Eliminate unnecessary service disruptions

  • UAS can operate reliably in close proximity to assets that when active can pose a hazard to humans. This eliminates the need to shut down assets for inspections, and does away with client service disruptions.

Improve safety

  • UAS reduce the need to climb the towers for inspections. This allows for reduced expenditures on insurance premiums and hazard training for asset inspection crews.

By getting more data in less time:

Achieve more with less labor cost

  • UAS can cover more of an asset in less time, providing significantly greater amounts of actionable  data for a given work day, while requiring less  human resources to conduct a given inspection.

Eliminate human error from documentation

  • UAS produce accurate results and nearly full coverage of an asset. This assures the scan results are error free, eliminating expenses generated from missing information or data input errors.

By making inspection information available for collaboration in the cloud:

Access to cloud based inspection data

  • UAS can live stream video of an inspection to remote offices for quality assurance. After an asset is inspected, inspection data can be uploaded to the cloud and accessed by anyone with appropriate viewing credentials.

Complete more inspections per day

  • UAS eliminate the need for safety rigging. A UAS can be deployed and flown up to an asset as long as line of sight of the UAS can be maintained.